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Our Team

We are a team of impact nerds.

We’re data scientists, software engineers, communicators, and strategists. We come from campaigns, research labs, big tech, government, PR, and advertising agencies. We help our partners do the most good by getting the most from their data.

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  • Achilleas Ghinis

    Data Scientist

  • Ali Collins

    Campaign Analytics Manager

  • Allyson English

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Amber Carrier

    Director of Polling

  • Andrew Blythe

    Director, Data Science

  • Anna Wechsler

    Data Scientist

  • Anthony Rentsch

    Data Analyst

  • April Pierce

    People Operations Manager

  • Bennett Bernstein

    Data Scientist

  • Boni Agbaniyaka

    Program Manager, Government Practice

  • Bridget Rice

    Marketing & Sales Manager

  • Caroline Dahmen

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Casey Prestipino

    Contracts & Legal Manager

  • Cass Sun

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Cecia Soza

    Campaign Analyst

  • Charles Carson

    Lead Reporting Analyst

  • Chris Wegrzyn

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Christine Biddlecombe

    Lead Data Analyst

  • Clarisse Jones

    Director of Administration

  • Dan Porter

    Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer

  • Elan Kriegel


  • Erek Dyskant

    Co-Founder & Vice President of Impact

  • Eric Hernandez

    Government Practice Program Manager

  • Harrison Kreisberg

    Vice President of Campaigns

  • Iris Cano

    Ripple Data Manager

  • Isaak Anderson

    Data Analyst

  • Jack Ross

    Lead DevOps Engineer, Civic Tech

  • Janani Jayesh

    Marketing Fellow

  • Jasmine Vasandani

    Senior Program Manager in Government Services

  • Jessica Jollie

    VP of Operations

  • Joel Nair

    Data Analyst

  • John Faas

    Analytics Lead

  • Josh Yazman

    Analytics Manager

  • Kate Hill

    Software Engineer

  • Katie Steckel

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Kelly Schmitz

    Campaigns Director

  • Laura Lubben

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Mala Narasimhan

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Max Dawson

    Managing Director, BlueLabs Los Angeles

  • Maxine Najle

    Polling Manager

  • Pearl Sortman

    Software Engineer I

  • Rhys Mallinger

    Director of Strategic Accounts

  • Sarah Choong

    Polling Analyst

  • Sarah Lauffer

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Sarah Pavlus

    Vice President of Business Development

  • Shannon Khalid

    Polling Analyst

  • Shelly Henriquez-Neill

    Chief of Staff in Government Services

  • Shweta Chopra

    Data Scientist

  • Sia Seko

    Data Analyst

  • Sonja Duric

    Senior Engineer II, Ripple Engineering Lead

  • Tacuma Solomon

    Software Engineer

  • Tanya Nabila

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Tiwaa Bruks

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Tracy Del Bianco

    Chief of Staff

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Data Scientist

  • Vanessa Alvarado


  • Victoria Eastman

    Senior Program Manager

  • Zachary Goldstein

    Data Analyst