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Our Team

We are a team of impact nerds.

We’re data scientists, software engineers, communicators, and strategists. We come from campaigns, research labs, big tech, government, PR, and advertising agencies. We help our partners do the most good by getting the most from their data.

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  • Aaron Eisenberg

    Data Scientist

  • Abbey Swartzwelder

    Polling Fellow

  • Adam Daugherty

    Data Engineer II

  • Adam Zuckerman

    Director of Political Strategy & Advocacy

  • Akshara Coomar

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Ali Collins

    Director of Political Strategy and Advocacy

  • Amy Yang

    Associate Director, Programs

  • Andres Corredor

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Andrew Blythe

    Vice President of Data Science

  • Angie Hanchett

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Annelies Quinton

    Data Science Fellow

  • Arum Galadima

    Product Manager

  • Ashley Napier

    Analytics Manager II

  • Ashraf Faramawi

    Vice President, Civic Tech

  • August Kade

    Analytics Associate

  • Ben Sweezy

    Director, Business Development

  • Bernie Crews-Bates

    Program Coordinator

  • Bridget Rice

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Britney Carlson

    Director, People Operations

  • Bruno Castro-Karney

    Engineer II

  • Caroline Abadeer

    Associate Director of Program Management

  • Caroline Holloway

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Catrina Cuadra

    Program Manager

  • Cheyenne Oliver

    Project Manager

  • Chloe Burns

    Data Scientist

  • Chris Montgomery

    Data Scientist II

  • Chris Wegrzyn

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Emeritus

  • Clare Lewis

    Senior Data Analyst I

  • Clarisse Jones

    Director, Financial Operations

  • Colette Yeager

    Data Analyst II

  • Crystal Merino-Lawson

    Office Manager

  • Dan Huebner

    Senior Manager, Business Development

  • Dan Porter

    Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer

  • Daniel Muehring

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Daniel Nikolic

    Senior Data Analyst I

  • Daniel Yu

    Director, Data Engineering

  • Declan Molloy

    Data Scientist II

  • Devansh Naimish Patel

    Data Engineer I

  • Elan Kriegel


  • Eli Hirschfeld

    Data Scientist

  • Elijah Howells

    Data Manager

  • Emily MacQuarrie

    Data Scientist II

  • Emma Yeager

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Erek Dyskant

    Co-Founder & Vice President of Impact

  • Eric Hernandez

    Chief of Staff, Client Solutions

  • Erin Thomas

    Analytics Lead

  • Fola Alabi

    AWS Cloud/DevOps Engineer

  • Gabbi Allen

    Analytics Manager II

  • Gabriel Benavidez

    Software Engineer II

  • Grace Feigl

    Analytics Associate

  • Grant Samuel

    Senior Campaigns Lead

  • Gustavo Chavez

    Senior Data Analyst I

  • Hannah Gross

    Data Scientist

  • Harriet Leishman

    Lead Polling Manager

  • Harrison Kreisberg


  • Heather Laskowski

    Director, Legal Operations & Compliance

  • Hilary Brennan-Marquez

    Director, DevOps

  • Hilel Katanov

    Polling Manager

  • Isaac Tucker-Rasbury

    Senior Data Analyst I

  • Jack Miller

    Polling Manager

  • Jennah Slayton

    Data Scientist

  • Jenny Glass

    Senior Program Manager

  • Jeremy Cohen

    Campaigns Operations Lead

  • Jesse Zlotoff

    Data Engineer III

  • Jessica Jollie

    Vice President of Operations & People

  • Jo-Ann Eufrazio

    Accounting Coordinator

  • John Faas

    Director, Data

  • John Mitchell

    Vice President of Engineering

  • Jordan Wellington

    Data Scientist II

  • Joy Wilke

    Director of Polling

  • JP (Josh) Hilbrand

    Associate Director in Civic Tech

  • Julia Zappacosta

    Civic Tech Fellow

  • Julietta Landeros

    Program Manager

  • Kamryn Achong

    People Operations Associate

  • Kelsey Mulcahy

    Director of Public Affairs and Agency Partnerships

  • Leigh Alexander

    Director of Data Science

  • Maddi Hertz

    Analytics Manager

  • Madelyn Fried

    Analytics Lead

  • Makenna Salis

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Margaret Boland

    Data Lead

  • Mark Tentarelli

    Data Scientist

  • Max Dawson

    Managing Director, BlueLabs Los Angeles

  • Maya Halder

    Director of Strategic Analytics

  • Megan Crowe

    Director, Commercial Insights

  • Michael Dunphy

    Tableau Developer

  • Monica Remmers

    Technical Product Owner

  • Nicholas Swierczek

    Software Engineer III

  • Nile Rankin-Watson

    Strategic Analytics Fellow

  • Nyangha Tawah

    Data Analytics Lead

  • Ola Oshinderu

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Orwell Andrade

    Senior Data Analyst II

  • Rashad Stafford

    People Operations Manager

  • Rebecca Rodriguez

    Senior Program Manager

  • Robbie Ness

    Analytics Manager

  • Sadia Iqbal

    Vice President of Insights

  • Salma Ali

    DevOps Engineer I

  • Sam Falconer

    Director, Political Strategy and Advocacy

  • Sarah Choong

    Senior Polling Manager

  • Sarah Pavlus

    Vice President of Client Solutions

  • Shweta Chopra

    Associate Director, Data Science

  • Spencer Brown

    Analytics Associate II

  • Steven Gonzalez

    Analytics Engineer

  • Tanya Nabila

    Data Scientist Lead

  • Tim Beatty

    Data Engineer II

  • Trevor Smith

    Analytics Lead

  • Walter May

    Data Engineer I

  • Will Watson

    Lead Data Scientist

  • Yibekal Tessema

    Data Scientist