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Increasing Purchases by Millions for an E-Commerce Organization

For over 5 years, BlueLabs has helped a large e-commerce organization increase conversions by over 3.2 million purchases, changing the way e-commerce conversions are done.

Since 2014, BlueLabs has teamed up with a large e-commerce organization to move consumers through its conversion funnel toward a purchase. To do this, BlueLabs developed a customized, data-driven program that provides comprehensive data infrastructure, advanced analytics capabilities, and overall strategic guidance.

The system we built pulls regular data feeds from the client’s system of record, and supplements it with other programmatic, demographic, and vendor data. Our team helps the client cut thousands of lists across email, SMS, autodial, postal mail, and agent connect.

We also provide extensive predictive modeling and A/B testing across all of the modes of communication, allowing the client to quickly understand which messages and graphics drive conversions and to tailor messaging to each consumer.

Our strategists also help the client better understand the market and opportunities to drive purchases within it. We produce daily reports about how individuals are moving through the conversion funnel, and opportunities for impact based on the list sizes of individuals within each outreach segment. This informs strategic decisions and allows creative teams to focus on the most important messaging.

Our work has directly supported hundreds of millions of targeted direct points of outreach with consumers; thousands of email, SMS, phone and email lists; hundreds of randomized trials; and numerous predictive models.

Since 2013, BlueLabs has analyzed market level trends and forecasted conversion with high levels of precision utilizing over 400 tests and experiments across a variety of channels, more than 200 different target segments, dozens of models, and more than 2 billion person-level touch points.

A multiyear randomized control trial has shown that our work has contributed more than 3.2 million additional unique purchases.